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Experts Hints and Tips when moving house

Helpful Moving Tips and Checklist:

Removals Cornwall Pack a box of essentials ( bed linen, toiletries, kids favourite toys etc.), or any other items you may need in case you're late when you arrive at your new home.
Removals Cornwall Ask your neighbours to help you keep a space for your removal lorry outside your home.
Removals Company Cornwall Advise your removal company well in advance if there are any items that you require to be disassembled.
Removals Company Cornwall Label your boxes clearly with the room you would like them placed in at your new home (it's a good idea to attach a list of contents).
Removals Company Cornwall If you are travelling a long way to your new home, it's a good idea to give the driver your contact telephone number.
Removals Company Cornwall Pack your china/glass in white paper then place into a box. Make sure you fill any spaces with crumpled paper for safe travel and mark the box with the word "fragile" where necessary.
Removals In Cornwall There is no need to unpack every drawer in your bedroom furniture, only break-able items.
Removals In Cornwall Notify change of address to: Doctors, Dentists, Schools, Insurances, T. V. licence, DVLA driving licence/vehicle registration.
Removals In Cornwall Re-direct all mail through the post office and send out change of address cards to friends, relatives, clubs etc.
Removals In Cornwall Inform all your service providers of your move to arrange your final account and reconnection at your new home: Electrical, Gas/Oil, Phone/Cable, Water, Local Council Tax etc.
Storage Cornwall Start using up the food in your freezer. This saves on waste if there is a delay or you are moving long distance.
Storage Cornwall Make sure you inform the removers of any problems with access at either address so they can prepare for it.
Storage In Cornwall Finally, leave the kettle out until the last thing.
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